I’m Finally Ready to Let You Go

The other day, I was in full nesting mode and decided to clean out a desk full of clutter to organize things for the baby’s arrival. I started digging through paperwork, wedding cards, scattered checkbooks and bank ledgers. When I hit the bottom drawer, I found under a collection of VHS tapes and undeveloped rolls […]

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My wedding day

The First Anniversary

I got married a year ago today on a chilly spring afternoon beside a creek in a Philadelphia park. It’s been a year full of ups and downs and constant change — my figure being one of those changes. You always hear jokes about women getting married and letting themselves go. There is no truer […]

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Lost to Another World

When I walked into my inlaws’ house the weekend I talked about in my last blog post, the first thing I saw was a 3D ultrasound picture of my baby on the refrigerator. It was among the pictures of the other grandchildren: my one sister-in-law’s son and daughter and my other sister-in-law’s two stepsons. I […]

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Valentine's heart wreath

A Love Letter to My Son

Hi Baby, In just over two months, you’re due to arrrive. It’s Valentine’s Day Friday and I’ll be spending it in Pennsylvania with your dad, your grandma Lulu, your grandpa Pops, your Auntie Maura, Uncle Thai and your cousins, Hugh and Aibhlín. I can’t wait for you to meet all of them. I can’t wait […]

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Baby bump

12 Weeks

Twelve weeks. It’s a school term. A season. A financial quarter. It’s also the amount of time left until my life changes forever. That’s me and my increasingly large, round stomach. I’m 28 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. I’m due on April 18, Good Friday. I haven’t said anything on the blog until now […]

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