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The Life That Broke Had a Makeover!

September 15, 2014

Do things seem different? That’s because The Life That Broke had a desperately needed redesign that went live Saturday thanks to the talents of designer Greg Gall. Read on to see how we collaborated on the blog’s new look and vibe and make sure to consider Greg for your future design projects — he’s fantastic […]

An Expat Guide to Melbourne

July 28, 2014

in australia, Melbourne, moving abroad, travel tips

Melbourne is the second most densely populated metropolis in Australia. Known for its diversity and speed of growth, anyone considering relocating to Melbourne has much to learn about this exciting city. The following information serves as an expat’s guide, designed to provide an overview of what you can expect when transitioning to a new life […]

About a Boy

July 21, 2014

in baby, family, life changes, new york city, son

I often get asked what my favourite animal is. I could choose a dozen things, to be truthful – Birds of Paradise, hummingbirds, gibbons, bushbabies, lots and lots of things. But if you really were to ask me what little creature makes me gulp with pleasure and delight and interest and fascination, it would be […]