An Expat Guide to Melbourne

Melbourne is the second most densely populated metropolis in Australia. Known for its diversity and speed of growth, anyone considering relocating to Melbourne has much to learn about this exciting city. The following information serves as an expat’s guide, designed to provide an overview of what you can expect when transitioning to a new life […]

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About a Boy

I often get asked what my favourite animal is. I could choose a dozen things, to be truthful – Birds of Paradise, hummingbirds, gibbons, bushbabies, lots and lots of things. But if you really were to ask me what little creature makes me gulp with pleasure and delight and interest and fascination, it would be […]

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7 Less Traveled Spots in Australia That Are Worth the Trip

It’s a known fact that Australia is one of the top travel destinations in the world. While tourists are naturally drawn to the land Down Under, most are unaware of Australia’s ‘hidden’ travel gems. Many of the less travelled destinations provide absolutely breathtaking experiences that make the side excursions well worth the effort. The following […]

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The Best Fashion Spots of Melbourne

The true beauty of shopping in Melbourne is the city’s European charm: historical landmarks, contemporary innovations, and a broad range of shopping options provide something for everyone. The best shopping experience will depend upon individual tastes and preferences, but tourists and locals alike enjoy shopping in Melbourne’s malls, browsing through local markets, and stopping off between adventures […]

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The 6 Different Kinds of Expat

Expat life is varied and exciting. All manner of people choose to make the move abroad and they do so for many different reasons. However, there are certain types and traits of expats that we will all recognize. 1.      The ex-expat-child: They’ve lived in more countries than you’ve even visited, have a web of friends […]

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