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September 21, 2010

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I knew when I came to Sydney that I wanted to run a race. I was thinking more along the lines of a 5K, like the ones I did for the first time in Philly last year.

Turns out, I set my sights too low. My first race was the 7K Bay Run, of which I ran the entirety in about 45 minutes ( I am NOT fast). The second was double that–the 14K City2Surf, in which the infamous Heartbreak Hill stopped me for about 1K. I still finished in somewhat decent time, for me.

Then last weekend, I did the 4K Fun Run of the Bridge Run. This time, I had special company–my boyfriend, who hasn’t ran, as he likes to put it, since 1995. After a few weeks of training, he was able to finish the the whole thing without stopping in good time.

Though I didn’t think I’d run this many races, it’s been a terrific experience. The Bay Run took us around a beautiful lake, City2Surf ended at gorgeous Bondi Beach, and the Bridge Run led us over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and to a finish line at the Opera House. Running becomes just a little easier when you have scenery like that.

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  1. Lauren Fritsky

    Thanks ladies! I forgot to mention that a super-funny part of the races here is that people dress up! At City2Surf, I saw gorillas, action heroes, men in speedos, etc. I saw Spidermen at the Bridge Run, and I just watched one of the race videos where one of the announcers said, "The first gorilla has crossed the finish line," haha.

  2. Russell V J Ward

    Hey Lauren, enjoyed this post on your many running races around Sydney… I arrived our years ago and made the same personal sacrifice – try and run 2-3 of the local runs… loved it but never got used to Heartbreak Hill! Another good one that I recently found is the Pub2Pub on the Northern Beaches. Great atmosphere and a lot of fun.

    I'm currently blogging about my journey from the UK to Canada and then here to Sydney. If you fancy a read, go to – but I haven't got to the Australia part quite yet!

    Interested in your freelancing career… a personal goal of mine but unsure how/where/what to do… assuming I'm got the ability 🙂 Feel free to email me if you have any handy tips, hints, experiences worth sharing –

    Keep up the good work blogging!

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