Sydney Olympic Park: Home to More Than a Sports Complex

October 7, 2010

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With the Commonwealth Games just about to start, it was fitting that my partner and I decided to ride out to Sydney Olympic Park a few weekends ago. We had both visited the park itself before, but we were in search of something more than sports history this time around.

My partner had discovered on Google Maps a creek bearing his last name and wanted to find it. We parked opposite from the sports complex and found an elevated walkway overlooking an old brick mill. Apparently, the spot is now home to an endangered frog species. While we didn’t see the frogs, we did see an interesting mix of green sludge in the water below whose swirling sort of resembled what I imagine one might envision on an acid trip. Ducks cut through the stuff, leaving behind visible trails. We saw an impossibly blue male wren and lizards longer than any I’d ever seen before.

After, we strolled through a park looking for said creek, but couldn’t find it. Collapsing under the hot sun and needing to meet friends for a movie that afternoon, we started to drive back when my partner starting pointing and yelling–up ahead, he finally saw the sign for “his” creek.

For more on this part of Sydney Olympic Park, click here.

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