When Halloween Is All the Time

April 13, 2011

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Next to Christmas, my favorite holiday is Halloween. The first two reasons are simple: I LOVE candy, even as an adult, and I like dressing up. A little darker than my fellow trick-or-treaters growing up, I also have long had a thing for the scary. Thanks to movies like Halloween, the holiday has always held that “what’s lurking around the corner?” factor. I love it.

But back to the dressing up part. I fully exhausted this part of Halloween, trick or treating until my senior year of high school. I still dressed up in and after college, but I didn’t collect candy. Some of my most prized costumes were an Oompa Loompa, Dr. Evil with my petite friend as Mini Me, a Robert Palmer video girl, the princess from Mario Bros. (my date was Mario himself, and we randomly stumbled into a Luigi that night) and a member of the Jackson 5. Let’s not get into what I did for that costume.

In Australia, many don’t celebrate Oct. 31. They will, however, celebrate the tradition of Halloween on the 364 other days of the year. It is completely normal to walk around the city on a random night in July and see people dressed up like 1920s flappers or clowns or hippies or people from the 80s. A few weeks ago, I saw a bunch of people wearing the costume from the movie Scream. And, yes, I did whisper to one of them, “I wanna see what your insides look like.” Muah ha ha ha…

In time, we American expats caught on and threw our own costume parties, like this English-themed farewell for a friend moving to England.

Then, of course, there are parades like Mardi Gras where you’ll see lots of interesting attire, from gold swim trunks to alien costumes.

Just when I started to understand and accept that Aussies simply want to dress up whenever, I realized their obsession even extends to race events, like City to Surf. When’s the last time you heard a race announcer say, “The first gorilla has crossed the finish line”?

What’s the best Halloween or party costume you’ve ever worn or seen?

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  1. Scott

    Wow, ok .. so are these usually for like bachelor/bachelorette parties or something? Or is it just for no reason at all like maybe someone here might have an “90’s party”? Either way, that may take some getting used to!

    1. Lauren Post author

      Scott, a lot are just for no reason at all! It’s funny you bring up the 90s — my boyfriend and his friends had a 90s-themed hip-hop party where people dressed up in baggy pants, gold chains, etc. I think the people who dress up for races surprise me the most — it is so hot, I can’t imagine how they deal in really heavy, long-sleeved costumes!

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