Better Than Sex dessert at House restaurant in Sydney.

Sydney Desserts With Fun Names

June 26, 2011

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You know what you’re getting when your order a brownie sundae or apple crumble. But what can you expect from a dessert with “sex” in the title? I’ve encountered a few desserts with fun names — or envelope-pushing ones, at least — while eating in and around Sydney or simply scanning restaurant menus. I give props to the creators for coming up with names that do more than just describe what’s on the plate.

Stoner’s Delight

We tried Ms. G’s modern Asian restaurant in Potts Point after seeing the owner’s version of Bomb Alaska replicated on MasterChef. We made sure to save room for another much talked-about treat he designed: Stoner’s Delight. Presumably, it’s a collection of all the sweet things a pothead craves after a few tokes. I’m talking peanut butter, pretzel bites, crunchy chocolate squares and ice cream. Delightful indeed.

Better Than Sex

You can find this dessert at House Thai restaurant in Surry Hills. It’s a monstrous slice of toasted brioche with pandan ice cream and syrup. It’s perfect for two people.

Better Than Sex dessert at House restaurant in Sydney.

Aussie Nuts and Bush Honey

This one cracked me up when we stopped at the Smelly Cheese Shop on a wine tour to the Hunter Valley last weekend. It’s a gelato flavor with — you guessed it — nuts and honey, but what a way to describe it.

Bite the Pillow

An enticing lead-in to this mix of lime tapioca curd, lychees, lemon marshmallow and grapefruit-flavored granita. You can find it at Universal Restaurant in Darlinghurst.

What desserts with fun names have you tried on your travels?

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  1. C.Marin (east LA)

    Hey dude, that dessert from Ms Gs dude, sounds righteous dude. I dig it dude. Sounds like the perfect muchies food dude. Wait, I forget what I was talking about dude.

  2. Megan D

    Yum! Gerry just introduced me to a dessert one of his coworkers made. It’s called crack. ha. It’s crunchy caramel and chocolate melted on graham crackers.

    1. Lauren Post author

      You know, I stumbled upon that dessert while writing this post. Apparently the chef of “crack pie” who has a restaurant in NYC wants to open one in Sydney! So then I can have crack here, haha.


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