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Cause Seven’s My Lucky Number: My 7 Links

July 11, 2011

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Seven really is my lucky number, which is why this post idea from Tripbase is cool. I’m a little late to the party — I was tagged by the lovely Heather of There’s No Place Like Oz last week, but I had some other posts I wanted to publish. Better late than never, here are 7 Links from the last 18 months of The Life That Broke.

My most beautiful post: Take a Hike

My site was about 8-months-old and I’d only been in Australia a few weeks when I published this post. Thus, it didn’t get many comments, but it did capture how in love I was with Oz’s beauty.

Me hiking.

My most popular post: Moving Abroad Has Made Me Bitchier

With 37 comments, this is definitely the most popular post ever written on my site. It covered my thoughts on how I’d grown more abrasive since coming to Sydney, but in a largely good way.

My most controversial post: Why I Drink Less in a Country of Drinkers

This post didn’t necessarily get negative comments, but people certainly have strong opinions on drinking, and some thought I was blaming Australia for its peer pressure.

My most helpful post: My Favorite Spots in Sydney

I don’t think I went into writing this post believing it was tip-oriented; I just wanted to share my fav spots to eat and drink in Sydney. But the comments showed people enjoyed learning about new places to go.

A post whose success surprised me: Moving Abroad: How I Failed

I was surprised people cared about my hindsight realizations of simple things like not bringing enough money with me to Australia or properly researching places to live. But it turns out, people relate to mistakes — who knew!

A post which didn’t get the attention it deserved: The Foods I’ve Tried on My Travels

I sorta feel bad labeling this the post that didn’t get enough attention, as it received 16 comments, some of which came from top travel bloggers. I guess I figured a post on weird food would be more popular than that though, especially considering a simple post on food I missed from home published when my blog barely had any traffic got one more comment than this post.

The post I am most proud of: Today I Wish I Wasn’t an Expat

I thought this post might seem like over-the-top whinging in a way, but I’m proud of it because it showed an uncharacteristic burst of raw emotion. I was really feeling angry, sad, lost, confused and frustrated the day I posted it. As a writer, I’m happy I was able to convey such strong emotion and get great support in the comments.

I’m tagging Nick from Where Is Hawkins? to complete his 7 Links. Check out this list of other bloggers who’ve participated.

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