The Year of the Islands

February 1, 2012

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There seems to be more hype around this Chinese New Year than previous ones. The Year of the Dragon is a powerful force, if you believe in this sort of thing, and I know two couples thrilled to birth little dragon babies in coming months. This is also supposed to be an amazing year for me — born under the Rooster –, if the Chinese zodiac is to be trusted.

No offense to the dragon, but I’m using a different title to describe the travel component of my life: the Year of the Islands.

First up is an island I visited last year: Tasmania. All you folks who urged me to head to Cradle Mountain will now get your wish. After seeing Hobart and the southern half of the state, Brendan and I will fly into Launceston for a weekend in mid-February. I’m hoping to do some canyoning in Cradle Mountain, the kind where you leap blindly into black pits of water and shoot out of rocky tubes.

In March, we’ll fly to Fiji with another couple for what I anticipate will be four days of stretching out in the sand and drinking kava. If I dare move from my cocoon of tranquility, I hope to snorkel, take mini-cruises to the other islands and see some villages.

The last in the trio of island adventures is Hawaii in mid-July for yet another destination wedding for Brendan’s other sister. This trip is multilayered: we’ll spend a night in Honolulu, four days in Kauai and then three days in Maui visiting one of my childhood friends. Fantasies of Hawaii have danced in my head since I was a kid, so it’s a bit of a lifelong dream I’m achieving. I even threatened my parents with Hawaii Pacific University when I was 14 (how I wound up studying in the ghetto of Philadelphia four years later is anyone’s guess).

This is only the first half of the year. I’m not above booking some cheap last minute holidays as the months roll on. There is so much left to see on this side of the world, it overwhelms me on a regular basis. Baby steps…

I want to hear all your juicy travel plans — tell me where you’re off to this year.

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  1. Amanda

    Sounds exciting! I love island, especially South Pacific islands! (I need to visit more of them myself…)

    My travel plans are getting more exciting each week! I’m heading to Iceland in March for about a week, and then I have a big European adventure planned for this summer, with about a month spent in Eastern Europe, and the a couple weeks in the UK. I can’t wait!

    1. Lauren Post author

      Wowsers, that sounds awesome Amanda! Iceland is high on my list — I’m sure you will have an amazing time. Will you be going to any of the travel conferences in Europe?

  2. iliana

    You may have studied in the ghetto of Philadelphia, but you somehow learned to live big and that’s more admirable! Your Year of the islands reminds me of my early 2010 island hopping – UK, Japan, Frisian Islands. Wish you a splendid time! πŸ™‚ Planing travel when unemployed & broke is tricky, yet I snatched a trip to Auckland, New Zealand – very exciting, first time south of the equator! And at some point I will visit family in Bulgaria and Spain – wandering the streets of Plovdiv and Madrid will never lose appeal to me.


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