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What’s Your “Dream” Vacation?

June 26, 2012

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My trip to Hawaii starts three weeks from tomorrow and I can’t stop thinking of being cozy in some cottage in freezing cold Alaska.

I’m not joking.

My urge to escape has been sweeping through my mind like a gale force wind lately. The combination of a lot of busyness in my life plus my two very good friends moving away has left me depleted. It is time for a vacation. It is time for a vacation somewhere sunnier and warmer than the rainy, 11°C mess that seems to blanketing Sydney every few days.

Yet at night, when I try to ease my mind to sleep, my happy, escapist place is somewhere cold and rural, in a snug house under four downy blankets with a fireplace roaring and the promise of cider and soup. Perhaps it’s the space heater in our apartment playing tricks on me. But somehow, my vision of ultimate relaxation has of late shifted from this

Beach in Hawaii

to this.

Alaskan scenery

It’s like going to the ice cream shop after a week of craving vanilla chocolate chip cookie dough only to come out with lime and orange sorbet. What gives?

Before I decided to start looking up holiday specials to Siberia for a few months from now, I indulged the psychology-obsessed side of my brain and looked up articles about escapism and daydreaming. It turns out I may be tricking myself into not getting too psyched about my Hawaii vacation by imagining something completely opposite. There’s a school of thought suggesting people who often get jacked up about something positive in the future wind up being let down (this is quite contrary to all that hype about “visioning” the life you want).

I don’t live and die by science, but there’s a component of this thinking that may apply to how I look at events, especially travel. I get really, really anxious and excited before a trip, so much so that Brendan has at times suggested I try to stay a little calmer. He says this because, inevitably, I lose my cool at some point en route to the destination or during the trip if something doesn’t go right. I’m wondering if I finally took his advice and started to shift my vacation daydreams from Hawaii, a destination on my bucket list since childhood, to a completely opposite place I won’t be visiting in an attempt to be a little more carefree about the trip.

Do you ever dream of escaping to a totally random place that you really have no desire to visit in real life? Or am I just weird?

Images by grantzprice and Alaskan Dude on Flickr

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    1. Lauren Post author

      I know, I have been poring over your posts! I will be in Maui for about two days seeing a friend so hopefully I can explore some of the things you did.

  1. charlie ward

    Hawaii is definitely on my dream vacations list as well Lauren. Side note i just read your bio and I must say I’m jealous that you have traveled so much and been too so many places. Going through your blog and reading your story has inspired me to go on a vacation this summer. I haven’t been on one in a long time, but have been meaning too. Thank you for sharing your post and your story!

    1. Lauren Post author

      Charlie, that is fantastic to hear! Where will you go? Thank you so much for reading and leaving your great comment.

  2. iliana

    I am no expert, but I notice that when the busyness in my life (even be it positive stress) hit certain threshold, I start to feel ‘segmented’. Then the softest blanket and the sofa are my best friends – perhaps they evoke the comfort of childhood – the safety and cosiness that comes with the unconditional love of our parents. May be that’s why Alaska is on your mind… I went there once in October, it was fun! But it was more fun going to Hawaii in November 😉 Have a lovely time!

    1. Lauren Post author

      Ah, it seems as if you’ve been everywhere! Was Alaska what you expected? Thanks for the well wishes on the trip — now that it’s only a little over a week away, I’m getting very excited to go and be in warm weather.


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