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August 29, 2012

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It’s come to my attention that there aren’t enough people in my blog pictures.

I’ve gotten caught up in landscape photos, food porn and art. That’s all well and good, but I’ve forgotten how beautiful “people pictures” can be.

My trip to Hawaii especially offered a lot of precious moments for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that there was a wedding. I also got to meet my first nephew for the first time (and actually two other nephews who are now part of the family after their dad married Brendan’s little sister). I got to watch Brendan officiate the wedding and see the love radiating from family and friends as the bride and groom said “I do.” Later in Maui, I got to reunite with a childhood friend who I last saw nearly three years ago in New Jersey. She also got to meet Brendan for the first time.

These were my first glimpses of baby Hugh, a gorgeous, quite, intensely aware six-month-old (five months at the time).

Baby Hugh

Baby Hugh

Baby Hugh on his blanket

Brothers-in-law peering out into the Waimea Canyon.

Looking out over canyon

The wedding took place outside at our resort. Instead of an aisle, there were flower petals, and instead of an altar, the bride and groom stood in a circle surrounded by more flower petals. Brendan led the ceremony, as he is now a licensed officiant, and did an amazing job. The ceremony itself was unique and incorporated traditions from several different cultures and religions, including Quaker and Irish.

Walking down the aisle

The groom hugs his father-in-law

The bride and groom

One of the traditions involved the Quaker practice of sharing well wishes and quotes and advice about love. It was a very moving thing to watch as nearly half the wedding audience stood up to give love to Megan and Danny.

Speaking to the bride and groom

Baby at the wedding

The Reverend

Three generations at a wedding

The first kiss as husband and wife

We flew to Maui on the Monday after the wedding to see my friend Cristin, who I met at my dance studio in the early 90s. We’ve been tight since high school, even though we went to separate schools and went on to attend college in opposite sides of Pennsylvania.

I have visited her in each place she has lived since New Jersey: Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and now Maui. Seeing her brought back silly memories of dance class and inside jokes and I felt more relaxed than I had in a while as we spent a full day beach-hopping, snorkeling and watching the sunset over beers.

Friends reunited at the beach in Maui

Two lovers at sunset, Maui

Hawaii was definitely as gorgeous as everyone said it would be, but much of the beauty for me rested with the family and friends I got to see.

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