The Best Fashion Spots of Melbourne

June 25, 2014

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The true beauty of shopping in Melbourne is the city’s European charm: historical landmarks, contemporary innovations, and a broad range of shopping options provide something for everyone. The best shopping experience will depend upon individual tastes and preferences, but tourists and locals alike enjoy shopping in Melbourne’s malls, browsing through local markets, and stopping off between adventures for a treat in the food courts and sidewalk cafes.

Bourke Street Market

The Bourke Street market and mall provide the ideal daytime shopping excursion. While the Bourke Street Mall is not what you would expect to find in North America, it is a delightful pedestrian-only area where many high-end shops are located. Though more pricey than other locations, for anyone who loves to shop, Bourke Street is well worth a visit!

Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central is a North American-style mall for men, women, young adults, teens, and children. Melbourne Central is exactly what the name implies… an innovative city center and prominent shopping area, with quality shops such as the Glue Store, and business offices. A transportation hub makes this section of the city easily accessible.


Collins Street

If indoor shopping is more your style, Collins Place situated at the uppermost end of the street offers a bustling typical mall-type atmosphere. The stylish architecture built from contemporary glass and metal helps make Collins Place a pleasant place in which to shop. It is a wonderful place to browse, relax, and experience the diverse selection of culinary treats within the popular food court.



Located on Yarra River’s southern banks, Victoria Gardens is an indoor mall on the eastern side of the Central District. Southgate features well-known furniture and department stores, and jewelry, clothing, and book shops. Additionally, Chapel Street is the ideal place to find vintage items, fashionable clothing from Australian designers, specialty shops, galleries, and cafes.

Swanston Street

Swanson Street is one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. Just travel northwards from Flinders Street station to find an excellent selection of reasonably priced items and quality souvenirs for incredible bargains. The ‘heart and soul’ of the city, Swanson Street is a favorite amongst local shoppers and visitors who are fortunate enough to discover the hidden treasures and to uncover the fully stocked basement clothing shops.

Swanston Street

Queen Victoria Market

Take Elizabeth Street north to Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market, one of the largest shopping quarters in the world. Since the end of the 1870’s, Queen Victoria Market represents a time-honored tradition that has persevered to become a fashionable modern marketplace. Just take Tram 55 or continue north on Elizabeth Street to experience an expansive market with beautiful fashions, fresh vegetables and fruits, and novelty items.

Queen Victoria Market

Where are your favorite places to shop in Melbourne?

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  1. iliana

    For the outdoor lovers there is Smith Street – lined up with clothes and sport goods outlets, and to avoid the crowds of Queen Victoria Market head to South Melbourne Market – with charming caffees around the market.

    1. Lauren Post author

      You know, I think I’ve been there! On my first trip to Melbourne, I met up with the Aussie Nomad Chris Richardson just as he was embarking on his journeys abroad and we went shopping for his backpack.

  2. Raychel

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m moving to Sydney on a work holiday in two months and your posts make me excited. I’m sure to utilize your wisdom. Also, added bonus that you’re a Jersey girl (grew up in Burlington Co)! More brownie points for now living in NYC (my past 4 years have been there). Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Lauren Post author

      Raychel, the best of luck to you! You will have such an amazing experience. I’m glad to see more people from the East Coast making it so far across the pond.

  3. Aquila Salta

    Another great read thanks to you Lauren! I am always amazed at how you are able to write and make your readers feel that they are just talking to a friend. My favorite part is Queen Victoria Market. Keep writing please!


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