7 Less Traveled Spots in Australia That Are Worth the Trip

July 8, 2014

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It’s a known fact that Australia is one of the top travel destinations in the world. While tourists are naturally drawn to the land Down Under, most are unaware of Australia’s ‘hidden’ travel gems. Many of the less travelled destinations provide absolutely breathtaking experiences that make the side excursions well worth the effort. The following are seven of the less traveled areas in each region. They include excitement, adventure, and just a little bit of danger.

1. Andamooka, South Australia

Andamooka, north of Adelaide by approximately 600 kilometers, is a colorful mining town spackled with underground dugouts and homes. The opal that is mined in Andamooka reflects the character of the charming town. It’s possible to purchase the gems from miners in the local showcases or from the Bottle House (built circa 1972). Visitors can noodle (or fossick) for their own opals, but they must make certain they are not searching on a staked-claim or in a shaky mineshaft. First discovered by drovers in 1930, opal-mining continues until this day extending into a couple dozen different fields, each one reminiscent of a luxurious moon-scape.


2. Undara Volcanic National Park, Queensland

The Undara Volcanic National Park in Queensland is situated in the heart of the Gulf Savannah country. Primal and enthralling, the Lava Tubes are sight to behold. Volcanic trails and geological marvels are available to the adventurous following a short train, plane, car or coach ride from Cairns. The Outback region of Undara simply has to be experienced to be believed!

Undara Volcanic National Park

3. Home Valley Station, Western Australia

Situated along the Pentecost River, the Home Valley Station, Kimberley is not a tourist trap. The region provides for ‘Outback adventure’ complete with Aboriginal culture, crystal clear waterholes, lofty gorges, flowing rivers, waterfalls, primeval land formations, and mountain ranges.  Although the area is safe by most standards, local fishing locations and nature walks pose certain risks that adequate travel insurance can help handle. Experience the plant and animal life, and rest assured that you have a travel insurance cover that will protect you under any unforeseeable event.

Home Valley Station

4. Tasmania

The river cruises in Tasmania provide a lesser-known experience along the Donaldson River. Offering exposure to the rainforest, the cruises travel alongside the Savage River inlet. The SS Croydon shipwreck and Lover’s Falls, close to the Donaldson estuary, are visible from most crafts. Slow-paced and relaxing, each journey provides some of the most authentic, history rich, less-traveled experiences in Australia.


5. Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Aireys Inlet on Great Ocean Road offers nature and nautical history, all within an artistic atmosphere. The Split Point Lighthouse directs the path visitors take as they move about Aireys Inlet. The lighthouse, constructed in 1891, resides 70 meters up from sea level and remains the focus of maritime and local legends. Precarious trails wind above, providing vistas of stone-covered reefs, sea life-filled pools, hidden coves, and (in the right seasons) whales. Or take a lazy horseback ride along the beaches or on Victoria’s rustic trails.

Great Ocean Road

6. Milk Beach, New South Wales

Milk Beach is a hidden oasis at the foot of Sydney’s Hermit Bay. Featuring an amazing outlook on the city, Milk Beach is one of the hidden places in Australia. Accessible by boat and public transit, it’s important to note that parking is limited. However, the beach is an ideal place to snorkel, fish, and picnic.

7. Gunlom Falls, Northern Territory

Gunlom Falls, the uppermost pool in Kakadu National Park, provides a mystical experience with its waterfall, plunge pool, and panoramic view. A steep, and slightly treacherous trail offers a unique look at local birds, rocky pools, and the southern ridges and hills. A shaded grassy area makes an ideal family picnic or camping site.

Gunlom Falls

While each of these less traveled regions in Australia comes with minimal risks, they are without a doubt absolutely gorgeous and well worth the adventure!

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    1. Lauren Post author

      I know, I love hidden beaches! There’s one at Ku-ring-gai National Park outside Sydney called Resolute Beach that I hiked to once. There’s something about working to get to a place that makes it more enjoyable once you’re there! Plus, it’s less crowded.


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