75 Facts About Sydney

November 10, 2015

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In what city would you find ‘the coathanger’ or the deepest natural harbour in the world?  

The answer is, of course, Sydney, Australia!

Sydney is a city full of unique things to do for both tourists and locals. From the backpacker beaches of Bondi and Manly to the cultural delights of Auburn and Parramatta, when visiting Sydney, you should expect art, nature, culture, excitement and more.

There are also tons of fun facts about Sydney. For example, the Sydney Opera was built with over 1 million tiles. Also, the city has over 100 beaches of various sizes dotted along its coast.

This visual guide lists 75 facts about Sydney about which you might not have know.

 Some additional facts from the infographic include:

  • The hottest day ever recorded in Sydney 45.8 °C (114.4 °F)–that was in January 18, 2013.
  • Hugh Jackman and Toni Collette are a few of the many famous Sydneysiders.
  • Over 14 million passengers travel on the ferries around Sydney every year.

The full list of 75 facts on food, culture, weather and travel is available on the AirfaresFlights.com.au site.

75 Facts About Sydney

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