Austin, Texas in Pictures (Part 1)

April 2, 2016

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Finn turns 2 years old in just over two weeks. The time has flown—and so have we, taking advantage of the free flights for which he’s been eligible up until this point.

In the winter, Brendan and I decided to spring for one more free trip for Finn. We narrowed down the options to San Diego, Austin or the Caribbean. Austin won the draw. Neither one of us had ever been, and we inadvertently booked during the last weekend of SXSW. We set out for three nights and two days of eating, exploring, being outside and listening to music. Here’s a sampling of what we saw and did.

SXSW music at the Australian BBQ tent across from the Hilton where we stayed.
IMG_3800 IMG_3802

Sixth Street, where all the action was. It sort of reminded me of Bourbon Street in NOLA during Mardi Gras.


The Frost Bank Tower, said by some to look like an owl keeping watch over all of Austin.


The view from our room at the top of the Hilton, from which we saw a spectacular lightening storm on our first night.


Breakfast tacos are all the rage in Austin. We acted upon a recommendation to check out Juan in a Million on the east side of Austin. We had five tacos for $10. Can’t be beat. Try the chorizo with egg and the bacon with egg.

IMG_3850 IMG_3852

The Texas Capitol building. Free and architecturally beautiful. Worth a trip. There are also tours if you time it right.

IMG_3856 IMG_3859 IMG_3864

The University of Texas is also worth a walk around. It was pretty quiet when we were there—I think it was spring break. 

IMG_3882 IMG_3898

Austin has a big food truck scene. We took a bus ride and ended up at Gourdough’s, a gourmet doughnut spot. we got the Naughty and Nice, Heavenly Hash and Son of a Peach. They were all huge and decadent and made us not need to eat lunch.

IMG_3901 IMG_3905 IMG_3914 IMG_3916 IMG_3918Oh look, more tacos! This time we tried the chain Torchy’s for dinner. Definitely not as good as Juan’s. IMG_3967

An old candy shop on South Congress. There are lots of shops, restaurants and bars along this strip. 


A view of the downtown as you walk back along South Congress. Over the ledge, people are waiting for the nightly swarm of bats to fly out from under the bridge that stretches across Lady Bird Lake. This is the largest urban bat colony known in North America.

Have you been to or do you live in Austin? What do you love about it?

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  1. kathee fritsky

    looks like a amazing trip and city.and the food looks delish.glad you were able to see austin.have never been,looks like a trip in the future,great pictures .

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