‘2016 Genius Travel Hacks & Tips’ Infographic

April 12, 2016

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No matter how far or for how long you’ve traveled, there are always ways to make your journeys more convenient, cost-effective and fun.

You could spend hours scrolling through lists of travel tips and tricks on the internet in search of the most practical, useful advice. Often it can be worth the effort. In the hundreds of travel tips you might find one which shows you how to cut down your transport expenses, or an app that makes getting around in a foreign country much easier. If only there wasn’t so many travel articles to sort through!

That’s what inspired Fast Cover, an Australian travel insurance company, to create their ‘2016 Genius Travel Hacks and Tips’ infographic. They analysed over 500 travel hacks articles, sorting them to find the most widely shared travel tips. They then looked closely at the top ranking articles to find the tips and hacks relevant to travel in 2016. Some classic tips like rolling your clothes to save on luggage space are included, but there are also tech and app suggestions and a few money-saving ideas you might not have thought of such as suspending your gym membership.

Have a look and see how they could these travel hacks can make your holiday simpler and help you save money!


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