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How to Stay Fit on a Trip to Vegas

October 11, 2016

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Vegas is an indulgent place. I’ve been to Sin City four times, and two were for work purposes. Going for business can sometimes be even harder than going for pleasure if you want to maintain a healthy diet—conference meals are usually heavy, and drinks are aplenty and often free.

On my most recent short trip in May for the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, I was determined to stick as much as possible to my healthy lifestyle. After all, I’m no longer the 22-year-old who first descended on the city during a cross-country roadtrip.  Just a few days of poor eating and not enough time on the elliptical can be hard to undo in your mid-30s! I was able to share my recommendations for staying fit in the city of unlimited buffets, great restaurants by chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Emeril and infinite drink options with

Tip #1: Don’t Drink Alcohol 

During the time I went on my most recent trip, I was already in a period of abstaining from alcohol, and despite Vegas’s temptations, I stuck to my teetotalling while there. Not only did this help prevent me from packing on too much weight during my trip, it also meant I didn’t have a hangover in the mornings and, thus, had no excuse to skip the gym.

Tip #2: Hit the Gym Early and/or Indoors

I had jetlag the entire time I was in Vegas, so I was up at 5 a.m. each day I was there. While I would have liked more shut-eye, rising with the dawn gave me the opportunity to hit the gym before the conference started a few hours later. Even in early May, Vegas gets incredibly hot during the day. If you’re a runner, you should get up early to beat the heat on the streets. I chose to do a 30-minute cardio workout indoors followed by strength training. It not only made me feel good, but also helped me feel less zonked from my jetlag.  If you want to find a great hotel with a gym or book an outdoor activity to fit in with your fitness needs, take a look at some great Vegas deals.

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Tip #3: Have the Same Breakfast Routine

My routine was to go to Starbucks and get a low-calorie beverage with a piece of fruit and maybe a juice to give me fuel to make it through my workout and last until the conference breakfast at 8:30, which was usually fruit and some cereal. You don’t want to kill your calories in the first meal of the day!

Tip #4: Indulge in Fish

I love sushi and fish, and when I eat it at a proper restaurant, I always feel like I’m indulging without the guilt. And good thing, because Vegas has great sushi restaurants and other seafood options. During a night out at Mexican, I had steamed fish over greens. Another night, I had a top-notch sushi platter with a coworker. Fish can, however, get caloric if you’re not careful. Avoid sushi rolls with dressing and fried ingredients and opt for brown rice and low-sodium soy sauce when possible. Fish should be steamed or broiled, not fried.

Plate of fish with fruit on tope

Tip #5: Eat Like a Vegetarian/Vegan

Don’t like fish? The next best thing is to try to eat plant-based. I didn’t personally follow this tip when I was in Vegas. But a childhood friend of mine I met up with while there, Crystal Edwards, who has lived in Vegas almost 10 years and recently went vegan, recommended two great spots. The first is Greens & Proteins, which has vegan and vegetarian options on the menu, including a selection of raw meals such as raw pizza and mock chicken lettuce wraps, plus breakfast items, wraps and sandwiches and juices and smoothies. If you’re looking for dessert after your meal, in the shopping center across from G&P is Cinnaholic, which makes all-vegan cinnamon rolls. Both spots are not far from Red Rock Canyon according to Edwards, so consider rewarding yourself with a good meal after a hike.

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