7 Foods That Taste Much Better Than They Sound

October 25, 2016

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World cuisine is certainly a mixed bag. While foods like steak and chips are loved the world over, other offerings are a little more niche. Today, let’s take a look at seven foods which sound gut-wrenching at first, but are, in reality, rather scrumptious.

1. Mula de Nopal – Mexico

Mula de Nopal


Kicking off the list with a doozy, this rural treat was clearly someone’s very bright idea of making the most of the bare essentials surrounding them.

The dish is comprised of a grilled cactus, which is then stuffed with panela cheese and plated up on a bed of salsa—with the spices of the latter varying, dependant on where you’re purchasing Mula de Nopal from.

Despite having its roots in Mexico, this dish has hopped the border and become a favourite of Houston natives, where it is readily available in several eateries.

2. Kangaroo Burger – Australia

Crikey, mate! Skippy might have been a beloved childhood icon, but that won’t stop the Aussies from chowing down on a kangaroo steak burger when the urge takes them.

Kangaroo is said to taste like a cross between venison and buffalo and has a strong, gamey flavour owing to the diet of grass and shrubs they live off of in the wild.

This delicacy is transferring across the globe at a rate of knots, with several vendors all over the world now offering the chance to purchase some bona fide ‘roo meat.

3. Haggis – Scotland



Everyone has probably heard of this extreme cuisine from the shores of Scotland, but how many of you have actually sampled its delights?

This meal is the perfect example of a combination of rather unsavoury items that result in surprising delight.

Minced sheep innards are mixed with oatmeal and suet before being stuffed in a bag (usually made of the animal’s stomach lining). Sounds grim—but it’s actually a grouping of flavours which somehow produce a tasty finished product.

4. Goi Sua Tom Thit – Vietnam

There are plenty of mouth-watering fish in the ocean to tuck into—but one which will without question slip your mind is the jellyfish.

Despite that, it serves as the primary ingredient in a salad that brings together the blobby critter and a mix of pork and shrimp.

Surf and turf certainly isn’t the craziest of flavour combos ever—but this is a little far removed from your standard steak and shrimp. We’re informed, despite sounding horrendous, that this blend of ingredients somehow works a treat.

5. Sweet & Spicy Pig’s Ear – China



The Chinese have brought us a lot of different (and sometimes questionable) dishes over the years—but pig ears definitely have to be up there when it comes to some of the most obscure.

You’re not likely to find a bucket of these included in your regular takeaway options, but they allegedly make a fantastic snack to chow down on alongside a beer.

The ears are said to have a crispy and, at times, chewy texture, making them somewhat akin to pork scratchings. That makes a lot of sense, when you think about it.

6. Bacon Ice Cream – USA

Upon first hearing, combining the dairy goodness of ice cream with the savoury delights of bacon doesn’t sound all that appealing.

If you’ve seen the hit movie Blades of Glory, you’ll understand sometimes unlikely bedfellows can forge the strongest of partnerships. Ice cream and bacon fall into this bracket.

The dish, which has become incredibly popular in the USA, is now so popular people are screaming out for a recipe. Who’d have thought it?

7. Kopi Luwak – Indonesia



This last inclusion deviates from the path a little—but then, isn’t that what these selection of treats are all about?

Kopi Luwak isn’t a food, but rather a coffee. How can a coffee sound horrendous in the first place, I hear you ask?

This particular blend stands out as it substitutes the foeces of a civet—a wild jungle cat—for traditional coffee beans. Poo-coffee has taken off in Indonesia, and throughout the Asia-pacific region in general.

There you have it: seven foods which sounds disgusting on paper, but are actually surprisingly tasty. Why not try one of these for yourself when you’re next in one of these nations?

This is a guest post by Luke Miller.

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