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July 13, 2017

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“You’re so cute!”

These are the first words I spoke to my daughter outside of the womb. The minute the doctor put her on my chest, I saw the most adorable little girl I’ve ever seen. A few minutes later, she repaid my compliment by pooping all over my arm to the collective “Woah!” of the doctor and other medical staff.

newborn girl

Maeve Lucinda—her middle name after Brendan’s late mother just as Finn’s is after my late father—was born on April 22, three days after her brother turned 3. Her labor was quick compared to Finn’s and she was out within 10 minutes of pushing. A medical resident originally thought my water hadn’t broke and offered to send me home. I’m glad I didn’t listen, or she might have been born at home.

Maeve is small, like Finn was, just 6 lbs., 12 oz at birth. She looks like her brother, but doesn’t at the same time. She has red hair, fair skin and blue eyes and resembles Brendan. I think that’s why people think she’s a boy just like people thought Finn was a girl because he had my features. Her hair stands up like Finn’s did, and she is already wide-eyed at the world and ready to go. Her neck is strong and she already likes being held in a standing position on my lap.

She is our rainbow baby.

Newborn girl in a carseat waving a handMom and newborn girlToddler looking at baby sisterNewborn girl in Australia onesie
I am as in love with her as I am with Finn, who is a fab big brother. What they say is true. Your heart just expands!

She started smiling and cooing at me before she turned a month-old. She is social and happy and is fussiest when gassy. She loves to be held. One of my favorite things to do is watch her expression while she is looking over my shoulder. She likes lights and her brother and laying flat on our bed where she smiles like a fool and kicks her little legs all over the place.

If I revisit this list I made before I gave birth, I am failing once again at some of the things I mentioned. We are no longer breastfeeding, I’ve lost my shit on my son and my husband and I still have weight to lose.

Newborn girl smiling in carseatToddler boy feeding baby sister a bottleBaby girl laying on activity matBut I am happy and adjusted. I love being home, and I am also able to be home with Finn save some days of camp to give him something fun to do. Two has been challenging to juggle at times, and it will only get harder when I return to work. I am so happy to have the time I do with both my kids, and while I think maternity leave should be longer in this country, I am making the most of it, in the summer, in New York, in this time and place in my life.

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