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The Life That Broke is a blog about expat life, travel, lifestyle and career written by a journalist and content marketer with 10 years of experience. Writing isn’t my hobby — it’s my career. My writing has appeared in numerous print publications, including Weight Watchers and Jetstar magazines, and online at major web sites such as Travel + Leisure, PsychologyToday, CNN and USA Today.

The Life That Broke has been featured on major web sites such as AOL Travel and big-name travel blogs such as yTravelBlog and has appeared on TEN News for a story on the rising cost of living in Sydney.  In the My Published Work section, you can see some of the other sites for which I’ve done guest posts and interviews.

Audience and Reach

My audience includes current and future budget travelers, expats and families as well as burgeoning freelancers and career breakers. Companies focusing on international and domestic travel, budget travel, women’s travel and freelance writing or location-independent lifestyles make good fits on The Life That Broke.

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  • Twitter Followers: 3,409
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Current Advertising/Press Trip Opportunities

I currently consider text link sponsorships and sponsored reviews for travel, trip planning, budgeting or writing products and services on The Life That Broke. I am also available for press trips, for which I can offer my 10 years of journalism experience and demonstrated writing skills. Email me at lgfrits(at) to discuss options.

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  1. Megan McMahon

    Greetings from London

    My name is Megan and I’m contacting you on behalf of Greenlight Search
    (, one of Europe’s largest digital marketing agencies.

    I am currently working on an SEO campaign for one of the UK’s largest travel companies. Based on the high quality of the content and relevancy on your site to this campaign, I thought that we may be able to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with each other.

    We have a number of options available, with the most popular being a bespoke article written by an in-house copywriter with a link back to our client’s site.

    If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards,

  2. lesley

    hey there! after reading over working holiday visa information and what is required to be granted one and be entitled to work in australia i came across your blog 🙂 ive read a little over it and it really seems that your decision to temporarily move to australia to work on your freelance writing was a good idea! im only 16, (17 this summer), and i plan to go to university to study a degree in nursing and travel to Oz on a working holiday visa and i wondered if you would have the time to give me some tips – living there, the culture, the work ethics you have experienced, missing your family and friends, how easy it was to get a visa and if after your experience you would ever consider making the first steps to be granted a full visa to move to Australia.

    i would be extremely grateful to receive a reply and am very thankful you took the time out of your obviously busy schedule to read my reply.

    Many thanks
    Lesley 🙂

  3. David

    Found you through ytravel, starting on my own travel writing adventure and enjoying reading other peoples work and life overseas, it’s snowy and not so nice up here in New England so getting the urge to pick up for my next trip… Bookmarking for future reference. Keep writing and good luck, sounds like you’ve followed your passion.


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