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An Expat Guide to Melbourne

July 28, 2014

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Melbourne is the second most densely populated metropolis in Australia. Known for its diversity and speed of growth, anyone considering relocating to Melbourne has much to learn about this exciting city. The following information serves as an expat’s guide, designed to provide an overview of what you can expect when transitioning to a new life […]

The 6 Different Kinds of Expat

June 16, 2014

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Expat life is varied and exciting. All manner of people choose to make the move abroad and they do so for many different reasons. However, there are certain types and traits of expats that we will all recognize. 1.      The ex-expat-child: They’ve lived in more countries than you’ve even visited, have a web of friends […]

The New Normal

March 3, 2010

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The realization hit me like one of the raindrops smacking the window of the library in which I sat doing work Monday morning: I have made a life here. It was after a weekend spent going out with new friends and evolving into something more than small talk with my roommates. I have new local […]

Why Did You Come Here?

February 16, 2010

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Since moving to Australia a few weeks ago, that’s the question on the lips of most people I meet here. I heard the opposite question when I was leaving Philadelphia, my home of nearly a decade, to pursue a life abroad for a year while attempting to make it as a freelance writer and editor: […]