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sydney harbour bridge, sunset

The Space Between

September 25, 2013

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I love being in New York, but I miss Sydney. It’s in a new way, not in the fashion I used to talk about, how America had more convenience and options yet Australia had less crime and more friendliness. Conversations comparing two countries can be useful. Discussions about which place has better infrastructure, transport, health […]

View of NYC and kayakers from Brooklyn

Live from New York

August 19, 2013

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It’s been more than two months since I left Australia and moved to New York City, with a week stay each in Japan and Pennsylvania in between. We got an apartment in West Harlem in less than a week and Brendan started work two days after we moved in. We found our local bar/snack spot […]

Manly Beach at sunset

Goodbye My Australia

May 28, 2013

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Believe it or not, I wrote an entire goodbye Australia post last night. It was draining, and writing it before bed probably contributed to a restless sleep. Somehow, even though my blog posts usually save automatically, and I could’ve sworn I clicked “save draft,” it didn’t save. Not one, single word. So here I sit, […]