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Sign for Whitsundays National Park

Tips for Visiting the Whitsundays

December 27, 2012

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Among all the recommendations people have given about my time in Australia, the recurring one has been to stay and sail in Queensland’s Whitsunday islands. The only problem is, it’s a friggin expensive trip. Return airfare for one person alone can cost $500. Staying on any boat that isn’t a backpacker-type, multiple-person dorm with lots […]

A cat next to a suitcase in Shanghai.

I’ve Got the Travel Jitters

July 14, 2011

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I stumbled out of bed still half asleep this morning, already thinking about what I had to get done before I leave for a weekend getaway later today. I’d started packing the night before, set up a simple workday so I wouldn’t feel rushed. Yet, I’d struggled to get to sleep (OK, maybe it was […]